Apr 26, 2015

Graduation Attire - Blog Post #10

As this semester wraps up, so do I; as a student! I will be graduating from college in just 4 weeks and of course as a student that goes to fashion school my only main concern is what I will WEAR to the ceremony! Also knowing that for most of the time I will have my dress (or my case romper) covered up, shoes will be the critical factor here being the main event and what most people will see. Below I have created some a outfit collage of some ideas that I might wear for the big day! Enjoy, and Congratulations Class of 2015!

Killer Heels - Blog Post # 9

Being a petite person (I mean really petite, I'm 5'1") heels are everything to me. Not any height is too high for me, and in a sense I'm lucky in that way and am able to have so much fun with the heels and really play with my height. Lately I've been loving the gladiator trend and I was able to whip out the amazing pumps from Windsor. I thought I nude color was perfect for spring and the finally warmer weather in NYC.

Denim Shorts For The Win - Blog Post #8

Recently I helped my friend with a project she was doing and in turn I got to be the photographer, videographer and co-stylist. She was showing different ways on how to style denim shorts; an endless trend every spring and summer. Together we create several different looks that we believe are appropriate for any style. In my opinion, denim will never die out, therefore as a stylist and fashion lover, it is crucial to find different ways to style them that are on trend and current. Let me know what you think of the looks! 

Apr 19, 2015

Bohemian Storyboard - Blog Post #7

After my last post and all this talk about Coachella, I've been so inspired by the bohemian look. The carefree, hippy, 70's flower child is been on my mind all the time. I took to Polyvore and created this storyboard that represents that exact look I've been loving. It includes lots of florals, fringe, and fun. I think this style comes along with an attitude as well. Its not just a the outfits, its a lifestyle that goes with it. If I was styling this shoot, I would have a model like Karlie Kloss, and the setting would be in a large flower field. It would include outfits like the ones above, like maxi dresses and different kinds of prints and of course a ton of flowers. The model would be acting carefree, dancing and frolicking in the field. I would ideally want this shoot at sunset, and taking advantage of the golden hour lighting. I looked to Free People a lot for this type of shoot because that store is very much this type of theme. I think this type of shoot would be so fun to shoot, just because of the energy this theme represents! I have some more inspiration picture below!

Apr 12, 2015

Coachella Inspiration - Blog Post #6

It seems that everyone and their MOM is talking about or currently at the Coachella Music Festival this weekend, and although it can be a little annoying seeing so many posts about it, I do have to admit the fashion is absolutely killer. There are so many inspiring outfits and combinations people are daring to try its like a walking fashion magazine. I created a mood board full of pieces I've seen this year at the festival and hopefully will continue to see this summer including some of these major trends.

Credit: Polyvore collage created by me.

Trend #1: Fringe! As a huge tribute to the bohemian style, fringe was a major trend at Coachella this year, and I can see why! Its fun and moves with you as you dance, plus is light weight and won't keep you hot in the sun.

Trend #2: Flower crowns: I personally love this trend and I think its the perfect substitute for a hat in terms of decorating your head. They are bright and colorful and add the perfect pop of color to your outfit. Also they are the ULTIMATE feminine addition.

Trend #3: Layering. Whatever way you decide to go almost every single person at Coachella is seen layering like crazy! Crochet tops over bathing suits, crop tops under vests, jackets over dresses, you name it, they layer it! I love this trend because it's limitless and it allows you to really be unique and show off your individual style.

Mar 20, 2015

Spring Has Sprung - Blog Post #5

Last week, the city seemed to change for the day as the sun came out and the temp reached above 40 degrees. It was amazing and I just had to take advantage of the warmer weather and the chance to not have to wear a coat. I love bringing out my lighter jackets like this Levi's Trucker Jacket. I paired it with a simple striped tee from Gap, some dark jeans from Lauren Conrad, and booties from Joie. All in all the outfit combo and warmer weather made me a very happy girl. Till next time...xoxo

Mar 14, 2015

Off-Figure Styling: Blog Post #4

Spring is approaching faster than we know (finally!) so now is the time to start preparing our wardrobes for warmer weather! Some people might find themselves anxiety ridden while thinking about getting ready for a new season, but I look at it as a fun challenge! Here are three off-figure outfits I've created (one from my wardrobe and two from Polyvore) that are perfect for our upcoming season!

Image: My own

Sometimes jumping into bright colors and florals right away can be hard for people who have been wearing dark colors all winter long. An outfit like this is a great transition because you still incorporate the darker colors you're used to wearing, however its much more weather appropriate! I love this crop top-skirt combo from Joie! And of course if you want some edge add a leather jacket and some studded heels!

Image: Collage made on Polyvore

Now, if you are ready to bring out some color and rock the florals, an outfit like this is perfect for you. I always love the bohemian trend when it comes to spring. The more fringe, the better!!

Image: Collage made on Polyvore

Finally, as a huge admirer of ANYTHING Olivia Palermo wears, this number is something I would love to rock. The denim on denim trend was huge on the runway for Spring fashion week, and I think the mix of that and the 90's vibe this outfit screams, it would be a perfect spring outfit!

Mar 8, 2015

Blog Post #3 - Evolution of Dance

Our group decided to make our mood board inspired by dance and to incorporate all things bright, colorful, florally, and powerful. We decided to not choose one type of dance, rather several; or the evolution of dance. On the left we have the fun and bright "pop" dance, then the florally and romantic sophisticated "contemporary" dance, and finally the darkest and most sporty "hip hop" dance. The pop section is inspired by the youth and the lightest and most fun kind of dance. As we move on the more contemporary dance this brings out the elegance in the type of dance, and the last look is inspired by the inner tough chick that has a 90's edgy and wants to bring out the hip hop. 

LOOK #1 

Blog post 3

Starting with the ultra bright and crazy expressive "pop" dance. These looks include a ton of the brightest colors and also the most youthful pieces. Lot of layering and mixing of brights give the outfit and look an overall fresh feel. We want the hair and makeup to reflect that too using bright shadows and a bold lip to make everything really pop. The accessories will be of course fun and playful tying it all together. The setting for this shoot would be on set with a white background allowing all the colors to really pop! Some props that might be used would include colorful balloons and cotton candy to keep it fun and alive. The model I would choose for a shoot like this would be Taylor Swift, someone who is always colorful in her appearance and personality.


Blog Post #3 - 2

This look is inspired by the contemporary type of dance and brings an elegance to the look while still incorporating color. A long floral maxi dress is key to this look allowing it to really flow. Some bright accessories like these red boots and blu hat will give the look a pop while keep the hair and makeup somewhat natural to balance it all out. This shoot might be shot in a field with nature around. This will give the colors a chance to pop while still keeping that romantic feel. The model I would choose for this shoot would be someone like Taylor Hill because she has a look that is mature but not too old.


Blog Post #3 - 3
The final look is the darkest theme but still incorporates color. The hip hop portion will bring back the 90's fashion more than ever with bright eyes and dark liner. The grunge look will be threaded through this look as well. Some accessories will be a bright backpack like this yellow fringe one and the shoes will be another pop of color like the neon teal Nike's. Keeping it sporty choosing a cut-off top and black leather jacket will give the look the edge it needs. This shoot would take place in a street in NYC, where there is the real world all around. The toughness of NYC will feed off of the theme we are going for. A perfect model for this look would be someone like Cara Delevingne, someone with a naturally darker look and she is someone who is not afraid to move and use her body to captivate a look. 

Mar 1, 2015

Leather Friends - Blog Post #2

I celebrated my 22nd birthday two weeks ago and I was lucky enough to have my two best friends fly into NYC from different parts of the country. Upon our last day it just so happened that we ALL wore our leather jackets and all in black. Along with my roommate, the four of us have very different styles when it comes to fashion, but I loved how each of us had the same staple item in our wardrobe; a leather jacket. This just proves how classic of an item it is and how no matter what style you rock, leather never will go out of style and it will fit into any wardrobe. Naturally, we had a mini-photoshoot in midst of my leather realization...enjoy!

Julia in AllSaints, Kara in a thrifted jacket, Me in Zara, and Tess in AllSaints