Nov 9, 2011

Maxi-ed Out!

Last summer, maxi dresses made a huge entrance onto the fashion scene and you could find them almost everywhere! While they still are popular on the market, maxi skirts have taken the throne. Maxi skirts are a quick fix if you're in a hurry and  you just can't find anything to wear. You can dress them up or down and they are so comfy yet extremely fashionable. I'm gifted with extremely short legs so finding things to wear that make me look tall is a challenge. However, the maxi skirt does just that! Since you can wear them high-waisted, it gives off the effect that your legs look much longer than what they are! Also, wearing heels will only make you seem taller. I like to pair any maxi skirt with a loose fitting top, big chunky belt to cinch the waist, and a leather jacket to edge it up. They're super easy to find, extremely comfortable and looks great on anyone :)

Patterned Tights

We all know incorporating a pattern in your outfit can make for a great look, and the right pattern can really bring an outfit together. Animal prints, floral, and fishnet tights are a really popular trend this fall and are easily accessible. You can pair them under dresses, skirts, or shorts to really add and edgy or cute/girly affect to any outfit!

Nov 8, 2011

Shoes To Look For!

Chunky, thick heels are something I've been seeing everywhere and become a huge fan of! Its a trend from the 60's and 70's thats making their way back into the fashion scene! They are flattering on everyone and add a sexy effect to your outfit. You can find some great inexpensive pairs at Forever 21, H&M, or some on the pricier side by Steve Madden, ALDO, and at Nordstroms. A simple change to you your wardrobe like these pumps can make your outfit really stand out!