Apr 26, 2012

We Are Young

I've been hearing this song for a while now, it plays almost everywhere I go! 
I finally took the time to listen to it...
It's awesome! 
Really catchy and upbeat :) 
 Have FUN. (get it?!)

Ahh frizzzzzy hair!!

Liebster Award!

Ahh this is so very exciting! One of my favorite blogs, The Wearist nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, and I could not be more flattered! Thanks again Taylor :) She has got an amazing blog and a phenomenal sense of style!  You all need to check her out now! You'll thank me later :)
Now it's my turn to return the love and nominate 5 other blogs that make me happy...

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Apr 25, 2012

Many The Miles

 Happy Wednesday my lovely peaches!
SOTD: Sara Bareilles - Many The Miles
I found this song while listening to the Adele station on Pandora...
and I fell in love.
Its just a groovy tune and puts you in a good mood :)
Have a listen
Xo, Care
Top: Target. Jacket: F21. Leggings: LOFT. Shoes: Target

Crazy Beautiful

The SOTD is Crazy Beautiful by my favorite band Hanson! 
Listen to the song!
Enjoy the pictures :)
And watch my new YouTube video!!
Photography by Kara Fauerbach

Apr 23, 2012

L'Oreal - Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self-tanning Lotion

As some of you know, I've been looking for a self-tanner to try out, because I'm gifted with a ghostly pale skin color :(...St. Tropez is at the top of my list, however it's pretty pricey and I wanted to give some drugstore brands a chance before I spent that kind of money! Boy, am I glad I waited! I found this L'Oreal Sublime Bronzer and decide to give it a go! Its incredible guys! Seriously, I've used it twice and have got amazing results. So lets break it down for you! Speed: I saw some small results immediately. It does say "instant action" on the bottle but it wasn't like how a mousse would act. I would say its a mixture of a gradual lotion and an immediate mousse. Streaks: I do have some streaks on my wrists and around my hands, but its from my rubbing up against things before I should have (I'm impatient like that). Consistency: It does say lotion, but the consistency resembles more of a gel to me. I also mixed it with some moisturizer because I read this stuff can be quite sticky. Doing that made ALL the difference. It blended so well into my skin using a moisturizer.  Color: Its not orange at all and gives me a gorgeous and healthy looking glow. Smell: The smell is actually not too bad, it smells like a normal tanning lotion but less potent. Shimmer: The one downfall that some people might hate, but I don't mind, is the very heavy amount of shimmer in the lotion. When I put it on my legs it was like I had bathed in glitter. But I did apply it at night before bed and in the morning most all the glitter was off!! Price: $10.00!!!!! Overall I think this product is amazing, and I will no doubt be purchasing it again. Let me know what you all think!! Also, if you have found any other drugstore self-tanners like this one let me know!! 
xoxo, Care


Morning after 1st application:

Morning after 2nd application (day 2):