Oct 30, 2012

I ♥ Fall Tag

Here's my newest video on TheOnlyFashioneda channel! Enjoy :) and if you haven't already...subscribe!

Oct 28, 2012

Black & White

Here's my OOTD + my new hair! I GOT BANGS!!! What do you think??

Top & Jacket: Marshalls.  Scarf: Calvin Klein.  Pants: Target.  Booties: JCPenny's.  Glasses: Ray-Ban.

Oct 25, 2012


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Oct 22, 2012

Rachel Bilson Inspiration

I found this picture of Rachel Bilson over the weekend and I became majorly inspired. I've always loved Rachel's style and she's been a fashion icon of mine for forever! (I did an entire post on her, ha!) I knew each piece she was wearing had to be on the extremely pricey side, however her look is so classic and casual I knew it would be easy to replicate it at a much lower price! Here is my version of her outfit! I think it came out pretty good! Your thoughts? 
Also, I'm going to try and recreate this look from my very own closet and will be posting it soon! Keep on eye out for it :)

Rachel Bilson

Oct 15, 2012

Style Crush: Demi Lovato

Not much is needed to be said about this one. Her style is just as cool as her personality...hint* (its really cool). She is without a doubt an inspiration and icon to me, not only because of her style but also as a person. She is strong, confident, sassy and sexy, and she showcases it so appropriately in her clothes. I can relates to her because out body types are so similar; petite and curvy. I love how she enhances and extenuates her curves now and it makes her all the more inspiring!
What do you think of Miss Lovato??

I personally think she looks AMAZING as a blonde!! She totally rocks it and makes me want to try putting blue in my hair... ;)

This burgundy dress is absolutely breathtaking. The low plunge-line is sexy and sophistcated. She looked awesome with her curves!

Gimme that studded jacket!!! O.M.G

I would totally rock that fringe jacket if I could....ah-mazing!

Oct 8, 2012

Fall Fashion Lookbook #1

Here is my new video showcasing my very first fashion lookbook for Fall! I hope you enjoy :)

Oct 6, 2012

September Favorites!

Hello beauties! 
I filmed a new video of my September favorites and also a haul of things I picked up in the month of September! 
Check it out!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Oct 2, 2012

Style Crush: Grace Potter

Grace Potter, one of the best female vocalists and performers I've ever witnessed. 
She's got stage presence and pipes like no other.
And my favorite part is, she also has killer style!
Her rock and roll vibe on stage definitely comes through in her style. She loves wearing with lots of layers, beads, sparkles, spikes leather and heels! I absolutely love how effortless her assembles appear and her look is totally achievable with vintage look-a-likes which is a plus! She's a girl who knows how to work it and I'm gonna be crushin' on her style for ages.