Nov 27, 2012

Holiday Outfit Ideas #1

I think its safe to say, I love the holidays more than the average person, and this season is no different!
I'm going to show you a three-part post including three different holiday/Christmas outfits perfect for parties this holiday season! This first outfit would be one for a typical Christmas party with family, friends, or co-workers. The subtle sparkle in the sweater makes it a perfectly festive piece and allows you to really shine! I know for me and a lot of others, black is a very go-to color for the season, so I wanted to add a pop of color with this statement necklace! It breaks up the all black and really catches the eye! What do you think of part 1??

Dress & Shoes: Forever 21.
Sweater & Necklace: LOFT.
Tights: Target.

Nov 17, 2012

Silver & Gold

Hello ladies! 
So sorry I've been so absent :( 
Today's post is about how I like to mix silver and gold. Now, I know this has been a massive NO NO for many years, but I've seen more and more of this mixture in jewelry nowadays and I think I like it! It can be a subtle mix like I did here with a sliver watch and silver studs on my shoes, but them a little gold within my headband. I definitely think I'll be mixing these two a lot more!
What do you think??

Nov 13, 2012

Outfit of the Night!

Here is my latest video! My outfit and face of the night! Enjoy :) xx