Jan 25, 2013

My Everyday Hair

So a few days ago I filmed a "Get Ready With Me" video showing you my very basic everyday makeup routine. So I thought it would only make sense to do the same for my hair! As you know, I chopped my hair recently and have already accustomed myself to a new routine. Here is my latest video talking all about it!

Jan 18, 2013

One Outfit - Day to Night

 Hello loves! When I love an outfit, I like to wear it ALL day! But sometimes with my schedule and life, I have two completely different occasions and settings to attend from day to night. So I really love being able to switch up a few accessories and transform my day outfit into the perfect night attire! The key thing I've realized is start with basics. Meaning, neutral colors or plain pattern-less tops. That way you are starting with a clean canvas when switching from day to night.

Look #1:
Perfect for class, work, or running errands. I started with a plain white woven top from LOFT, and some plain thick black leggings from LOFT as well. I added blazer to make it more casual and threw on my Marc Jacobs scarf. Just grab your everyday bag, and some flats/loafers and you're good to go!
*side note: no need to look like you're attending a funeral I just happen to live in only black ; )

Look # 2: 
To transform this look to a nighttime one, I added some dark maroon lipstick to spice up my makeup. I took off the blazer and added a leather jacket to give some edge. And of course, I popped off those loafers and rocked my favorite black heels. You can keep your purse the same, but I prefer clutches when going out at night! 

It can be so easy and really fun to to challenge yourself and stretch your fashion imagination from time to time. Try out this challenge and I promise you'll love wearing the same outfit all day long :)

Jan 2, 2013

THANK YOU - Marc Jacobs Giveaway & My New Hair :)

Wow, I can't believe I've reached over 500 subs on YouTube! Thats such a big accomplishment for me and I honestly can't thank everyone who has subscribed enough! As another just big thank you, I've decided to do my first giveaway!! I filmed a video explaining everything and all the rules! Good luck to everyone!

Now, more exciting news.... I CHOPPED MY HAIR....again!
As most of you know, when I first started my blog and YouTube a year ago, I had really short hair that I wasn't loving because I just wanted my long hair back. Since then, my style has changed so much that I actually feel like this shorter hair fits my style and me much better. I definitely think I will keep this for a while! :) What do you think? xx