Feb 26, 2013

Beauty Essentials: Before & After

Lets talk makeup!
I'm a girl who loves, loves, loves makeup. Everything from shadows to mascaras and bronzers to blushes. All of it is great! But what I've found to be the most essential part of makeup doesn't include any of those. Rather, it's what you apply before and after all that.
Today I'm talking about primer and setting powder. 
These two products are my saving grace when applying and making sure my makeup looks its best.


I've just started using this specific primer, but my first impression is fantastic. It's more a moisturizer than a normal primer. It doesn't have that silicone feel that I often find makes my oil extra noticeable when it peeks through after a while (cause lets be real, us oily faced girls can't find anything that take it completely away!)
This leaves my skins soft and radiant before I apply my foundation.
Price: $15.00

Finishing Powder:

This product has been amazing every second I've used it since I purchased it.
I started using this about a month ago and it has most definitely claimed the title of best powder ever.
I use this of course after all my foundation, bronzer and blush are applied, and then anytime I'm shiny throughout the day. It completely diminishes the shine, but without making me look too flat and one dimensional. It hasn't made me break out at all too which is always a plus! 
No foundation is as good as the powder you use after. 
This one is a winner in my book.
Price: $16.00 for my size, the smallest.
$32.00 for full size.
*p.s. I use this daily and have barely made a dent in the smaller size. Go with this size first and make sure you love it, if so, it'll last you forever.*

Feb 23, 2013

What I'm loving...Edgy Chic

Long time, no post! So sorry! I have totally neglected to blog as much as I did in the summer. I don't know what it is, but blogging hasn't been my highest priority lately and I'm so sorry to all you amazing and lovely followers...I promise starting now, I will try to post up to 3 times a week! And of course, once summer roles around and its above 2 degrees I will post OOTD's again! I've missed them so so much!

Enough if the boring stuff...onto the fashion!
I've been so in summer mood lately and have been refusing to enjoy this icky slush we've been having. Due to all that, my obsession lately has been mixing edgy and chic with some girly accents. I've been on the hunt for a leather jacket for what seems like forever now, so leather is number one on my mind. Literally every time I see a leather jacket my heart skips a beat. I've been loving looks like this one with mixing a staple edgy piece like a leather jacket and pairing it with something so feminine and girly like a polka-dotted dress! Through on some Ray-Bans and you're good to go!
I'm going just crazy waiting for summer and can't wait to bust out this look.
Let me know if you guys feel the same?! Ready for summer??


p.s. I'm so so so excited to tell you guys I'm leaving for New York in 4 days! I plan on filming and writing a blog post of my outfit of the day each day I'm there! Stay tuned for that, and until next time...muah!

Feb 11, 2013

Grammy's 2013 - Best Dressed!

As you all know, the 55th annual Grammy Awards were last night, and as a HUGE music AND fashion lover, this award show is my jam.
I look so forward to not only the music, but also to what everyone is wearing!
Without a doubt, the one person that stood out to me was my girl, Rihanna.
I was blown away by her entire look. From her dress, to hair, and makeup she was a perfect 10 all around. 
Red is such a powerful color and man did she rock it.
I thought it was an excellent choice for her body type and it was so refreshing to see her in something so elegant instead of edgy. 
What did you all think of Rihanna??
*Fun fact: We share the same birthday, which happens to be in 9 days :)