Apr 29, 2013

Olive & Cream

What?! Are those shorts I'm wearing? 
Finally the weather has warmed up enough to whip out my shorts!
Although my white, pasty legs weren't quite as ready to make their appearance (hellooo fake tan!)
Anyways, I kept it casual with theses olive colored oxfords to go with the my favorite shorts from H&M. I love mixing neutrals, so I thought this cream blouse would tie it together nicely.
And of course, summer cannot begin without my handy dandy Ray-Ban Wayfarers!
Hope you enjoy the post...see you tomorrow!

Top: LOFT   Shorts: H&M   Shoes: Target   Sunglasses: Ray-Bans   Purse: Vintage

Apr 28, 2013

Style Crush: Ashley Tisdale

Think way back to your Disney days of watching Suite Life of Zack and Cody and you'll remember the blonde haired candy clerk played by this now brunette rocker. Ashley Tisdale has been on the "Dinsey" seen for most of her acting career but I've noticed, mostly by her wardrobe, she's starting to shed that image and becoming quite the fashion guru. Her style has evolved into one that I most definitely aspire to! She loves lots of layers, wears a ton of black and neutrals and is not afraid of wearing heels on a Tuesday morning! Overall, she rightly deserves this weeks spot as my style crush. 
What do you think of it!!? 

 I love how she is sort of all over the place going from casual to dressy but still keeping her signature style.

The outfit on the right....I died!! So cute.

Apr 27, 2013

Fedora Feelin'

Hey guys! Here is a quick outfit of the day...just used my iPhone! 
It's insanely springy today (finally!) and I was feeling like rocking a fedora!
I got mine at Pacsun a while ago, but I know they carry them year-round.
Also, the leather jacket is a new edition to my wardrobe...and I'm literally in love. There is a link to the jacket because its still available!
Hopefully this weather stick with us :)
Hope you're all having a fabulous day!

Top: LOFT   Jeans: Forever 21   Leather Jacket: Zara   Flats: Target   Fedora: Pacsun   Bag: Steve Madden  

Apr 25, 2013

Style Goddess: Rachel Zoe

Ehhmygawd! I've wanted to do a post on Rachel Zoe for quite some time now, but every time I start writing I feel like its not good enough. In one word Rachel Zoe is a Goddess. She is and forever will be my role model and icon. She is a huge reason why I wanted to become s stylist! To say I have a style crush would be an extreme understatement. She combines the amazing styles from the 60's and 70's and makes it modern and her own. Not to mention she has single handedly styled all of Hollywoods A list. And no one does it quite like her! You can tell when Miss Zoe has put her magic stylish hands on someone. Her constant evolving style is always one step ahead of everyone else; the ultimate trendsetter. After looking at pictures for this post (it lasted about an hour) I finally narrowed it down to my favorite looks from her. I hope one day I'll have even an ounce of the talent she has! Enjoy!

Look at those shoes!!! MAJ!

No one can rock wide-leg jeans like her.

Floppy hats are her second skin...and I love it!

Spring Trend: Cut Out Dresses

A huge trend I've been seeing all over the place lately are cut out/open back dresses.
I for one really like the look, however you have to be careful about what kind of cut out dress you pick, how you wear it and style it.
This kind of trend could tend to look quite trashy and cheap if you but the wrong style for your body type. Here are a few styles I think are fool proof and will look good on any body type for this spring and summer!

This typical criss cross open back is probably my favorite! I love how its a simple dress in the front but the back has this fun and different look, making the dress go from boring to fabulous! Dress it up with heels or make it casual with converse and sandals!

Extremely open or blousey backs are nothing but elegant. These kind of dresses give you the freedom to wear a backwards necklace like in the pictures. I love this because your typically very covered in the front and allow your back side to be the star of the show!

This is the originator of the cut out style dress. Showing some skin on the sides of the dress is what started this trend off! Something about showing off the sides of your torso can be extremely feminine and sexy. Instead of showing cleavage, display another part of your body and you'll get the same effect!