Mar 1, 2015

Leather Friends - Blog Post #2

I celebrated my 22nd birthday two weeks ago and I was lucky enough to have my two best friends fly into NYC from different parts of the country. Upon our last day it just so happened that we ALL wore our leather jackets and all in black. Along with my roommate, the four of us have very different styles when it comes to fashion, but I loved how each of us had the same staple item in our wardrobe; a leather jacket. This just proves how classic of an item it is and how no matter what style you rock, leather never will go out of style and it will fit into any wardrobe. Naturally, we had a mini-photoshoot in midst of my leather realization...enjoy!

Julia in AllSaints, Kara in a thrifted jacket, Me in Zara, and Tess in AllSaints


  1. I completely agree! A leather jacket is a necessary statement piece that anyone can pull off no matter how they wear it! I also love seeing them on a dressier outfits like over a short or long dress, or a skirt. I find the mix of edgy and girly is the perfect combination. Really enjoyed this post, happy belated birthday!

  2. Aaaah I just binge watched all your youtube videos and I love them :D you and your friends are soooo hilarious and cute! I am gonna move to NYC in September and I think we should be friends :D


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