Apr 19, 2015

Bohemian Storyboard - Blog Post #7

After my last post and all this talk about Coachella, I've been so inspired by the bohemian look. The carefree, hippy, 70's flower child is been on my mind all the time. I took to Polyvore and created this storyboard that represents that exact look I've been loving. It includes lots of florals, fringe, and fun. I think this style comes along with an attitude as well. Its not just a the outfits, its a lifestyle that goes with it. If I was styling this shoot, I would have a model like Karlie Kloss, and the setting would be in a large flower field. It would include outfits like the ones above, like maxi dresses and different kinds of prints and of course a ton of flowers. The model would be acting carefree, dancing and frolicking in the field. I would ideally want this shoot at sunset, and taking advantage of the golden hour lighting. I looked to Free People a lot for this type of shoot because that store is very much this type of theme. I think this type of shoot would be so fun to shoot, just because of the energy this theme represents! I have some more inspiration picture below!

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