Apr 12, 2015

Coachella Inspiration - Blog Post #6

It seems that everyone and their MOM is talking about or currently at the Coachella Music Festival this weekend, and although it can be a little annoying seeing so many posts about it, I do have to admit the fashion is absolutely killer. There are so many inspiring outfits and combinations people are daring to try its like a walking fashion magazine. I created a mood board full of pieces I've seen this year at the festival and hopefully will continue to see this summer including some of these major trends.

Credit: Polyvore collage created by me.

Trend #1: Fringe! As a huge tribute to the bohemian style, fringe was a major trend at Coachella this year, and I can see why! Its fun and moves with you as you dance, plus is light weight and won't keep you hot in the sun.

Trend #2: Flower crowns: I personally love this trend and I think its the perfect substitute for a hat in terms of decorating your head. They are bright and colorful and add the perfect pop of color to your outfit. Also they are the ULTIMATE feminine addition.

Trend #3: Layering. Whatever way you decide to go almost every single person at Coachella is seen layering like crazy! Crochet tops over bathing suits, crop tops under vests, jackets over dresses, you name it, they layer it! I love this trend because it's limitless and it allows you to really be unique and show off your individual style.

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